Microsoft Access 2002/XP: Brief Edition

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0072471034 By Sarah Hutchinson & Glen Coulthard
McGraw-Hill Higher Education

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ISBN-10: 0072471034
ISBN-13: 9780072471038
Copyright: 2002
Pages: 240 pages
Binding: Spiral Coil
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Table of Contents

Chp.1 Working with Access
1.1 Getting Started with Access
1.2 Viewing and Printing Your Data
1.3 Manipulating Table Data

Chp.2 Creating a Database
2.1 Designing Your First Database
2.2 Creating a Simple Table
2.3 Using the Table Design View
2.4 Modifying a Table

Chp.3 Organizing and Retrieving Data
3.1 Customizing Datasheet View
3.2 Sorting, Finding, and Maintaining Data
3.3 Using Filters
3.4 Creating a Simple Query

Chp.4 Presenting and Managing Data
4.1 Creating a Simple Form
4.2 Creating a Simple Report
4.3 Generating a Mailing Labels Report
4.4 Managing Database Objects