Advantage Computer Concepts: Brief Edition

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007289508X By Sarah Hutchinson, Glen Coulthard & Stacey Sawyer
McGraw-Hill Higher Education

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ISBN-10: 007289508X
ISBN-13: 9780072895087
Copyright: 1998
Pages: 66 pages
Binding: Spiral Coil
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Table of Contents

What is a Computer?
  - The Digital Basis of Computers
  - The Analog Basis of Life
Types of Computers
Computer Hardware
  - Input Hardware
  - Processing Hardware
  - Output Hardware
  - Storage Hardware
  - Communications Hardware
Inside the Microcomputer
  - The Power Supply
  - The Motherboard
  - The Microprocessor
  - RAM Chips
  - ROM Chips
  - Other Forms of Memory
  - Parts: Connecting Peripherals
  - Expansion Slots and Boards
  - Buses
Computer Software
  - System Software: The Computer’s Boss
  - Applications Software: Your Servant
The Internet
  - Where Did the Internet Come From?
  - Connecting to the Internet
  - Internet Addresses
  - Navigating the Internet: Features and Tools
World Wide Web
  - What Can You Find on the Web?