Microsoft Office Excel 2003: Intro Edition

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0072834161 By Glen Coulthard & Sarah Clifford
McGraw-Hill Technology Education

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ISBN-10: 0072834161
ISBN-13: 9780072834161
Copyright: 2005
Pages: 552 pages
Binding: Spiral Coil
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Table of Contents

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Chp.1 Creating a Worksheet
Chp.2 Modifying a Worksheet
Chp.3 Formatting and Printing
Chp.4 Analyzing Your Data

Chp.5 Presenting Your Data
5.1 Formatting Cells
5.2 Using Number Formats and Styles
5.3 Working with Draw Objects
5.4 Working with Other Media
5.5 Creating a Chart Sheet
5.6 Customizing Charts

Chp.6 Performing Calculations
6.1 Working with Formulas and Functions
6.2 Using Date and Time Functions
6.3 Using Mathematical and Statistical Functions
6.4 Using Text Manipulation Functions
6.5 Using Financial and Logical Functions

Chp.7 Managing Worksheets and Workbooks
7.1 Viewing and Printing Large Worksheets
7.2 Working with Data in Large Worksheets
7.3 Working with Multiple-Sheet Workbooks
7.4 Consolidating Your Data
7.5 Documenting Your Work

Chp.8 Managing Worksheet Lists
8.1 Creating Lists
8.2 Working with Lists
8.3 Analyzing Lists
8.4 Using Subtotals and Outlines