Microsoft Word 2000: Intro Edition

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0072404922 By Sarah Hutchinson & Glen Coulthard
McGraw-Hill Higher Education

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ISBN-10: 0072404922
Copyright: 2000
Pages: 333 pages
Binding: Spiral Coil
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Table of Contents

BRIEF EDITION: (view details)
Chp.1: Creating a Document
Chp.2: Changing the Look of Text
Chp.3: Modifying a Document
Chp.4: Finalizing Your Work

Chp.5 Jazzing Up Your Documents
5.1 Drawing Attention to Text
5.2 Using Sections to Apply Varied Formatting
5.3 Creating Columns
5.4 Working with Draw Objects
5.5 Working with Other Objects

Chp.6 Working with Tables and Lists
6.1 Creating and Revising Tables
6.2 Formatting Tables
6.3 Managing Tables and Lists

Chp.7 Increasing Your Productivity
7.1 Working with Styles and Templates
7.2 Preparing and Printing Envelopes and Labels
7.3 Using Hyperlinks for Navigation
7.4 Using the Office Clipboard