From eye-opening interviews with some of the world’s most successful CEOs to a step-by-step workshop, this breakthrough book is the ultimate guide for turning your brand’s purpose into a competitive advantage.

Navigating Purpose:
What Is Your Advantage?

In today’s noisy market where people have instant access to nearly everything, quality products and services are no longer enough to differentiate your company or organization—your brand—from the competition. Strong brands build emotional connections—what we call Brand Love®. In collaboration with Barkley, a creative idea company, we offer consulting services that can help turn your purpose into a business advantage impacting consumers, customers and employees. These services and accelerated workshops work in conjunction with “The Purpose Advantage” to provide an effective roadmap to guide your brand to its biggest possible future.

The Purpose Advantage™ Speaking Topics

Today’s modern consumers are ignoring old forms of fragmented marketing at phenomenal rates—and brands are desperate to find ways to connect with them. But when a company or organization stands for something—if it leads with a strong social purpose—it can create a competitive advantage that fuels both growth and profit.

Unlocking the Hidden Power of Purpose: Finding Competitive Advantages That Matter

Customized Keynotes for Industry-Specific Insights

Key takeaways:

  • Uncover why today’s consumer leans to brands whose values align with their own.
  • Gain step-by-step actions for building a strong purpose that resonates throughout an organization and beyond.
  • Understand how purpose creates cultural conversations and societal benefits.
  • Discover how the Purpose-Profit Loop™ can drive a virtuous cycle of profit and growth.

In this inspiring presentation, world-renowned speaker and consumer expert Jeff Fromm will help your audience understand how to innovate for a better world, compete for higher profits, and attract and recruit an inspired workforce.

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The Culture Advantage Speaking Topics

The most successful brand strategies, ideas and future visions are achieved when client cultures adopt them across the organization. Achieving such consensus and inside commitment means winning hearts, minds and decisions internally—key to creating modern brands.

Key presentation outcomes:

  • Discover how the next era of brand-building will require leaders to become champions of employee-first developments and design.
  • Learn step-by-step actions for how to engage employees to believe in what your brand stands for, in ways that resonate with the consumers you’re trying to reach.
  • Gain insight on how existing organizational structures may be holding your company or organization back, and areas to look at to elevate Brand Culture Thinking.

In this pivotal presentation, thought leader and brand culture practitioner Jimmy Keown shares some of his best methods for aligning your company culture with purpose, standards and goals for the future.

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Purpose Advantage™ Consulting

With increased pressure to stand out in a crowded marketplace, a brand’s reason to exist beyond profit is playing an increasing role in the decision-making of modern consumers. As the rules of this era evolve, it’s paramount marketers understand and align on key areas of strategic intent to move forward. This starts with purpose.

We’ve developed an interactive workshop to help brand executives, marketers and communications directors work toward a brand purpose engagement that will unite their organization in action toward their brand’s biggest possible future.We believe all brands have the opportunity to create a Purpose Advantage and have a positive impact on the world.

Our custom engagements consider where you are in your purpose journey — from speaking engagements that inspire change to consulting that ignites that change inside and outside your organization.

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Culture Advantage Consulting

Employees, partners and external customers respond to your brand culture—the outcome of what happens when your brand’s beliefs and behaviors guide both your workforce and your communication to customers and partners. This is the Brand Culture Advantage, and it’s key to enabling an organization to win inside and out.

This program is designed to help you think of, frame and solve for challenges your brand faces through the lens of internal culture. Brand leaders will be encouraged to think in an aligned, systemic way to produce results that contribute to decision-making across the organization.

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What Is Your Advantage?

Each book in this series highlights best practices for the modern market and provides readers with powerful tools to drive immediate organizational change. Our next book, “The Cultural Advantage: How to Win Inside to Win Outside,” uncovers how healthy workforces are key to building stronger brands. It hits shelves next spring. 

Jeff Fromm

Jeff Fromm, Partner at Barkley & Author “The Purpose Advantage: How To Unlock New Ways of Doing Business”

Jeff is a partner at Barkley (, the largest Certified B Corp ad agency in the US.  He’s a 5X author and contributor at FORBES.  He led the first public study of Millennials as Consumers in a research partnership with the Boston Consulting Group (2011) which led to his book “Marketing to Millennials” (Harper Collins, 2013).  Jeff graduated from The Wharton School & attended The London School of Economics.

Jeff currently serves as an Independent Director at Three Dog Bakery and BioStar Renewables.  Dark chocolate is his kryptonite.

Jeff’s work can be seen on CNBC and Time.

Lindsey DeWitte

Lindsey is an integrated marketer dedicated to helping brands define, live and share their brand purpose. She leads a sought-after strategic communications practice focused on the development of reputation-building business and communications strategies. 

Lindsey consults with global brands to uncover and elevate reputation-enhancing corporate initiatives, pull purpose back into the brand DNA, and create campaigns that will mobilize internal and external audiences. 

With communications expertise in everything from issues and crisis management to influencer relations, Lindsey is passionate about helping brands improve how they act, react to and engage with modern consumers.

Jimmy Keown

Jimmy is an experienced leader in both brand and internal culture strategy — and leads a practice dedicated to the discipline, methods and practices of Brand Culture Thinking™️. He helps clients deliver on the potential that brand purpose can offer across the entire workforce, and helps organizations build Brand Cultures that are aligned, focused and inspired to deliver on the brand’s biggest possible opportunity. Jimmy and I are working on a book called “The Culture Advantage” which helps companies with Winning Inside to Win Outside™️.

He helps executive clients navigate and enable the potential of purpose through internal Brand Culture and purpose strategies, actions, programs and communications with their internal stakeholders and employees.

Jennifer Cawley

Jennifer has spent two decades helping transform organizations through brand purpose and reputation management. Her work as a senior communication strategist has helped brands connect consumer insights into scalable purpose strategies. 

These strategies span a wide swath from launching communications for the first major-scale, U.S.-based blockchain initiative for a protein brand, to leading a rebrand to future-proof an iconic yet struggling not-for-profit brand.

Jennifer excels at creative ideation and problem solving and has developed nationally award-winning strategies for consumer packaged goods, retail, restaurant, travel, lifestyle and non-profit clients.

Philippa Marshall Cross

For over 15 years, Philippa’s passion has been helping global brands bring environmental and social impact into their core to engage with consumers around a shared purpose.

As Sustainable Business Director at Unilever, she developed sustainability programs for brands including Ben & Jerry’s, Hellmann’s and Knorr that delivered tangible business impact, including increasing consumer loyalty and earning additional shelfspace at retail. These brands, and others that form Unilever’s Sustainable Living Brands Index, are growing twice as fast as other brands in the portfolio and fuel 70 percent of Unilever’s total growth.

Philippa has a master’s degree in Sustainability Leadership from the University of Cambridge and continues to be involved with the program, developing the next generation of sustainable business leaders. Philippa has lived in cities across Asia and Europe, but now calls Kansas home.

Adam Miller

Adam Miller is the Director of Diversity and Inclusion for Barkley where he leads all diversity, equity, and belonging efforts for the agency to cultivate a culture in which all partners of Barkley can bring their full, unique selves to work each day.

Miller is a Kansas State University graduate and Fulbright scholarship recipient, which he completed in Mendoza, Argentina. He was previously the inaugural Director of the Green Fellowship program at Teach For America.

For his entrepreneurial endeavors, Miller is part owner of a virtual winery called The AV Collection. Additionally, he is the co-founder of The WorkoutKC, an outdoor functional fitness gym created in the midst of the pandemic for Kansas Citians to prioritize their fitness in a safe, socially-distanced manner. 

Miller also serves as a board member for The BrandLab, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kansas City, and Visit KC

Joe Cardador, PhD

Joe has over 15 years of experience in consumer insights and data analytics. As the leader on the insights team, he focuses on leveraging primary and secondary data to drive client business strategy.

His skills are shaped by his experience owning his own company, EchoCX, focused on customer experience research and consulting, his role as VP of Decision Sciences with Gongos Research, a full-service market research company, and his role as the Chief Research Officer at Service Management Group (SMG), a leader in providing customer experience measurement and brand research to multi-unit restaurant, retail, and service clients. Joe has provided analytics and insights around consumers, branding, and differentiated products and services to a diverse set of clients including Darden Brands, JCPenney, Krispy Kreme, Kroger, Murphy USA, Starbucks, TJMaxx, Victoria’s Secret, Whataburger, and Yum! Brands.

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